Chapter 46.--LEGISLATURE

      46-242.   Restrictions on acceptance of representation case and conduct therein by state officer or employee. (a) No state officer or employee shall accept a representation case before a state agency where such officer or employee knows or should know that it is obviously without merit and is being offered with intent to obtain improper influence over a state agency.

      (b)   No state officer or employee shall use threat or promise of official action in an attempt to influence a state agency in any representation case.

      History:   L. 1974, ch. 353, § 28; L. 1975, ch. 272, § 10; July 1.

Cross References to Related Sections:

      Corresponding restrictions on lobbyists, see 46-273.

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      "Ethics and the Government Lawyer," Bruce W. Kent, 62 J.K.B.A. No. 2, 30, 34 (1993).