Chapter 46.--LEGISLATURE

      46-238.   Restrictions on sale or lease of property and furnishing services by state officers and employees and candidates for state offices. No state officer or employee or candidate for state office or associated person shall charge to or accept from a person known to have a special interest a price, fee, compensation or other consideration for the sale or lease of any property or the furnishing of services which is substantially in excess of that which other persons in the same business or profession would charge in the ordinary course of business.

      History:   L. 1974, ch. 353, § 24; March 28.

Cross References to Related Sections:

      Corresponding restrictions on lobbyists, see 46-272.

Governmental Ethics Commission Opinions:

      Kansas corporation commission geologist may sell individually owned royalty interest if selling price is reasonable. No reporting requirements are necessary. 90-10.

      Technician for emergency medical services board who is not involved in licensure procedures may hire out to write computer programs for ambulance services for pay. 92-29.

      Limitations on highway patrol trooper serving as safety consultant to the private sector. 93-30.

      Legislator serving as board member of Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation; potential conflict of interest. 93-33.

      State employee may establish part-time business to operate on off-time hours to provide service to private sector formerly provided by state, within described limitations. 94-1.

      Staff member of a state agency entering into a contract to provide services to an entity which in turn contracts with and is licensed by the state agency. 98-15.

      Compensating state legislators for serving on SRS advisory council. 1998-23.