Chapter 46.--LEGISLATURE

      46-228.   "Special interest" defined. "Special interest" means an interest of any person as herein defined (1) concerning action or non-action by the legislature on any legislative matter affecting such person as distinct from affect upon the people of the state as a whole, or (2) in the action or non-action of any state agency or state officer or employee upon any matter affecting such person as distinct from affect upon the people of the state as a whole.

      History:   L. 1974, ch. 353, § 14; March 28.

Governmental Ethics Commission Opinions:

      Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA) is a state agency; limitation on gifts from KTA to legislators. 93-38.

      State legislator may not use campaign funds to defray legal expense for defending against criminal charges; establishing separate defense fund for such purpose is subject to severe limitations. 94-19.

      State employee may not accept computer software package won in drawing sponsored by vending company which is potential supplier to employee's agency; state agency may accept the prize. 94-20.

      Whether state lottery employee can give a testimonial to manufacturer of products sold to state lottery is a decision to be made by the lottery agency; permissibility or travel expense provided by manufacturer to state employee depends on policy decision regarding testimonial. 94-26.

      Shotgun worth in excess of $40 and presented to governor by a gun manufacturer for use at governor's one shot turkey hunt is state property and is not a personal gift to governor. 95-2.

      Sentencing commission attorney speaking at continuing legal education program sponsored by Washburn university; conflicts of interests considered. 95-20.

      Acceptance of airline tickets won as door prize; company donating tickets did not have a special interest. 95-21.

      State department cosponsoring a professional conference with nongovernmental organizations; question of special interest of cosponsoring organizations and vendors. 95-23.

      State officer or employee; design and marketing of livestock shelters to general public during off-duty hours. 96-35.

      Private foundation providing funds for grants to aid state agency in fulfilling state public function. 96-39.

      Employee in division of property valuation; acceptance of complementary seminar registration from a county. 97-10.

      State agency conducting conference; solicitation of donations to cover cost of meals and beverages. 97-28.

      State officers or employees soliciting sponsors for annual meeting of national conference of state officials. 97-48.

      State agency providing gifts, including travel to other state officers and employees including members of legislature. 98-2.

      State historical society providing legislators and their staff a discount on sale of merchandise from tourist information center. 1998-32.

      Department of corrections personnel; solicitation of donations for employee wellness programs; acceptance of discounts from department store. 1999-2.

      Superintendent of veterans home; acceptance or solicitation of donations for state agency. 1999-7.

      State agency hosting conference attended by officers and employees of this and other states; vendor exhibit booths and hospitality rooms; agency hosting reception and providing food and beverages and door prizes; acceptance or solicitation by state employees. 1999-17.

      Ability of elected officials to solicit funds for dedication ceremony. 1999-47.

      Conference sponsored by state agency; registration fees, charge for exhibition booths, solicitation of sponsorship moneys. 1999-52.

      Charity sponsoring conference; ability of state officials and employees to accept travel, lodging and meals (modified by 2000-33). 2000-01.

      State agency sponsoring conference may offer free registration to governor, governor's cabinet and legislators. 2000-06.

      Painting valued in excess of $40 may be given to state senator under circumstances given. 2000-12.