Chapter 46.--LEGISLATURE

      46-224.   "State agency" and "rules and regulations" defined. (a) "State agency" means the legislature, legislators, legislative committees and councils and all executive departments, institutions, offices, officers, commissions, boards and authorities of the state, but does not include municipalities and other political subdivisions.

      (b)   "Rules and regulations" means rules and regulations required by law to be filed with the secretary of state, and does not include rules adopted by the judicial branch or any court.

      History:   L. 1974, ch. 353, § 10; L. 1975, ch. 272, § 24; L. 1988, ch. 366, § 12; June 1.

Governmental Ethics Commission Opinions:

      Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA) is a state agency; limitation on gifts from KTA to legislators. 93-38.

      Watershed districts; contracting officers; duties; qualifications; restrictions; definitions; watershed district is not a state agency but is a governmental subdivision. 94-29.

Attorney General's Opinions:

      Bribery; privatization pledge; contingent fees for lobbying prohibited. 91-23.

      Kansas, Inc. and KTEC are state agencies subject to state governmental ethics laws. 97-59.