Chapter 46.--LEGISLATURE

      46-215.   Application of definitions. As used in K.S.A. 46-215 to 46-280, inclusive, and any amendments thereto, and K.S.A. 46-248a, unless the context otherwise requires, the words and terms defined in K.S.A. 46-216 to 46-231, inclusive, and any amendments thereto, shall have the meanings therein ascribed thereto.

      History:   L. 1974, ch. 353, § 1; L. 1981, ch. 171, § 42; July 1.

Research and Practice Aids:

      States (West Key) 77.

      C.J.S. States §§ 122, 125.

Governmental Ethics Commission Opinions:

      Information Network of Kansas (INK) employees are not subject to conflict of interest laws. 91-11.

      Executive director of Kansas state board of cosmetology may own and operate private cosmetology business so long as board's licensure, inspection and administration are conducted solely by board's other employees. 91-12.

      State board of education member may serve as board member "Ag in the Classroom" if such member abstains from any official action regarding "Ag in the Classroom" program regulation. 91-13.

Attorney General's Opinions:

      State governmental ethics; interstate compacts; individuals required to file statements of substantial interests. 91-24.

      Conflicts of interest; district court clerk who is spouse of county sheriff; qualifications. 91-32.

      County commission board member elected to serve as state representative; district convention to select replacement; state representative serving as president of registered lobbying group; incompatibility of offices. 91-86.

      Certain limitations on compensation of justices and judges; prohibition on holding other offices. 92-85.

      Kansas, Inc. and KTEC are state agencies subject to state governmental ethics laws. 97-59.