Chapter 25.--ELECTIONS

      25-4173.   Candidate's affidavit of intent to expend and receive less than $500; filing; certain reports not required. Every candidate for state or local office who intends to expend or have expended on such person's behalf an aggregate amount or value of less than $1,000, exclusive of such candidate's filing fee, and who intends to receive or have received on such person's behalf contributions in an aggregate amount or value of less than $1,000 in each of the primary and the general elections shall file, not later than the ninth day preceding the primary election, an affidavit of such intent with the secretary of state for state offices . In the case of a candidate for a local office, such affidavit also shall be filed with the county election officer of the county in which the name of the candidate is on the ballot. No report required by K.S.A. 25-4148, and amendments thereto, shall be required to be filed by or for such candidate.

      History:   L. 1981, ch. 171, § 32; L. 1985, ch. 124, § 2; L. 1989, ch. 111, § 6; L. 1990, ch. 122, § 13; L. 1998, ch. 117, § 14; L. 2015, ch. 85, § 11; July 1.

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Governmental Ethics Commission Opinions:

      County-city consolidated government; candidate contribution limitations; transfer of funds from prior account. 97-16.