19-7-3 Pre-hearing conference. (a) Gen-
eral. In order to facilitate the hearing procedure,
conferences may be held with the petitioners or
between the parties with the approval or at the
direction of the presiding member. The meetings
are to be held before the presiding member as
time and the nature of the proceeding permit. At
any such conference, the following may be con-

    (1) The simplification of the issues.

    (2) The exchange and acceptance of service of
exhibits proposed to be offered into evidence.

    (3) The admission or stipulations of facts not
remaining in dispute.

    (4) The authenticity of documents which might
properly shorten the hearing.

    (5) The limitation of the number of witnesses.

    (6) The discovery or production of evidence.

    (7) Such other matters as may properly be dealt
with to aid in expediting the orderly conduct and
disposition of the proceeding.

    (b) Failure of a participant to attend such con-
ference, after being served with due notice of the
time and place thereof, shall constitute a waiver
of all objections to the agreements reached, if any,
and any order or ruling made at the pre-hearing

    (c) Authority of presiding member. The presid-
ing member at any conference may dispose of by
ruling, without the consent of the petitioners or
parties, any procedural matters which the presid-
ing member is authorized to rule on, and which it
appears may appropriately and usefully be dis-
posed of at that stage. The rulings of the presiding
member made at the conference shall control the
subsequent course of the hearing, unless modified
by the hearing commissioners. (Authorized by
K.S.A. 1979 Supp. 25-4119a, 46-253; effective, E-
76-52, Oct. 24, 1975; effective, E-77-20, May 1,
1976; effective Feb. 15, 1977; amended May 1,