19-7-16 Rehearing. (a) General. Any pe-
titioner or party alleging any error in the original
proceedings or report shall request a rehearing.
An application for rehearing shall be filed with the
commission at its office within ten (10) days after
service of a commission report. Such application
shall be made by motion, stating specifically the
grounds relied on. A copy of such application shall
be served on all petitioners or parties in conform-
ity with the service provisions of these rules, by
the petitioner or party making such application.
An application for rehearing shall contain:

    (1) the docket number of the case for which
such application is being made;

    (2) the name of the petitioner or party making
such application; and

    (3) such application shall state concisely and
specifically the alleged errors for which a rehear-
ing is sought. If vacation, reversal or modification
is sought by reason of matters which have arisen
since the hearing and decision, the matters relied
upon shall be identified in the application.

    (b) Granting an application for rehearing. If the
commission grants an application for rehearing, it
shall so notify the petitioners or parties in writing.
The date an application for rehearing is granted
shall be the date on which the commission makes
such decision. The rehearing shall follow the same
procedural rules as a hearing, except to the extent
otherwise directed by the commission or a presid-
ing member.

    (c) Effect of failure to allege specific error. Fail-
ure to request a rehearing on a specific allegation
of error and provide reasons therefore shall con-
stitute a waiver of all objection to any matters not
specifically alleged as error. (Authorized by K.S.A.
1979 Supp. 25-4119a, 46-253; effective, E-76-52,
Oct. 24, 1975; effective, E-77-20, May 1, 1976;
effective Feb. 15, 1977; amended May 1, 1980.)