19-7-1 Answer. The respondent against
whom a verified complaint, as the same may have
been amended, is filed and on whom a notice of
hearing has been served, may file a written veri-
fied answer in person or through an attorney
within ten (10) days from the service of the notice
of hearing. The answer shall contain a general or
specific denial of each and every allegation of the
complaint controverted by the respondent or a de-
nial of any knowledge or information thereof suf-
ficient to form a belief and a statement of any
matter constituting a defense. Any allegation in
the complaint which is not denied or admitted in
the answer in the above manner, shall be deemed
admitted. The answer or any part thereof may be
amended as a matter of right at any time prior to
ten (10) days before a public hearing and there-
after in the discretion of the presiding member on
application duly made therefore. The commission
may proceed, notwithstanding any failure of the
respondent to file an answer within the time pro-
vided herein, to hold a hearing at the time and
place specified in the notice of hearing and may
make its findings of fact and enter its report and
order upon the testimony taken at the hearing.
(Authorized by K.S.A. 1976 Supp. 25-4119a, 46-
253; effective, E-76-52, Oct. 24, 1975; effective,
E-77-20, May 1, 1976; effective Feb. 15, 1977.)