Article 4a.--CIVIL PENALTY
 19-4a-1 Civil penalty. (a) In any civil pen-
alty assessment case under relevant law, the filing
will be considered timely if deposited in the mail
addressed to the office of secretary of state by cer-
tified or registered mail on or before the day it is

    (b)  Any person who is assessed a civil penalty
for failing to comply with the registration, filing,
and reporting provisions within five (5) days of
notice may make written application for a waiver
of the penalty within thirty (30) days after receipt
of a civil penalty assessment order. Upon receipt
of a written application for waiver, the commis-
sion shall schedule a public hearing within thirty
(30) days in order to receive an explanation from
the person as to why the document was not filed
in a timely manner. Upon a finding of good cause,
the commission may waive at any time any im-
posed civil penalty.

    (c)  If a person fails to pay a civil penalty within
thirty (30) days of the final date on which a request
for a waiver can be made, the commission shall
forward this information to the attorney general
or appropriate county or district attorney for col-

    (d)  Civil penalties provided for in this section
shall not be deemed the exclusive remedies for
violations of relevant law. (Authorized by K.S.A.
25-4119a, 46-253; implementing K.S.A. 25-4152,
46-280; effective May 1, 1980; amended May 1,
1981; amended May 1, 1982.)