19-40-4 Nepotism. (a) No state officer or
employee shall advocate, participate in or cause
the employment, appointment, promotion, trans-
fer or discipline of a member of the state officer's
or employee's household or a family member.

    (b)(1) As used in this regulation, ``family
member'' means:

 (A) a spouse, parent, child, or sibling;

 (B) a sibling, as denoted by the prefix ``half  '';
 (C) a parent, child, or sibling, as denoted by
the prefix ``step'';

 (D) a foster child;

 (E) a uncle, aunt, nephew, or niece;

 (F) any parent or child of a preceding or sub-
sequent generation, as denoted by the prefix of
``grand'' or ``great''; or

 (G) parent, child or sibling related by mar-
riage as denoted by the suffix of ``in-law.''

 (2) ``Household member'' means a person
having legal residence in or living in the state of-
ficer's or employee's place of residence.

 (c) The provisions of this regulation shall not
be construed to apply to appointments of mem-
bers of the governor's staff. (Authorized by K.S.A.
1991 Supp. 46-253; implementing K.S.A. 1991
Supp. 46-246(a), as amended by 1992 SB 533,
Sec. 1; effective Oct. 19, 1992.)