19-29-5 Computer generated cam-
paign reports. Reports prepared on computer
will be acceptable, provided that:

 (1)  Each computer generated page contains all
information required in K.S.A. 25-4148;

 (2)  Print-outs are legible, clear black on white

 (3)  Each page is on 81/2" * 11" paper;

 (4)  Each page is numbered;

 (5)  Each report includes the commission's pre-
scribed front page summary sheet; and

 (6)  The type is no smaller than pica (10 char-
acters per inch). (Authorized by K.S.A. 1991
Supp. 24-4119a; implementing K.S.A. 25-4151;
effective June 22, 1992.)