19-25-1 Testimonial events. When a tes-
timonial event is held for the benefit of more than
one candidate, except when an individual contrib-
utor dedicates a contribution to a particular can-
didate, the value of each contribution or in-kind
contribution shall be attributed to each candidate
in the same ratio as that by which the candidates
share the profits from the event, or, if there are
no profits, in the same ratio by which the candi-
dates share the expenses of the event. An event is
held to raise funds if it is intended to do so, or if
not intended to do so, if the effect is nonetheless
attained. (Authorized by K.S.A. 25-4119a; imple-
menting K.S.A. 25-4143; effective, E-76-56, Nov.
26, 1975; effective, E-77-20, May 1, 1976; effec-
tive Feb. 15, 1977; amended May 1, 1980;
amended May 1, 1982; amended May 1, 1983.)