19-24-2 Candidate in-kind contribu-
tions. The transfer of anything of value by the
candidate to his or her campaign without charge
or at a charge of less than the fair market value
constitutes an in-kind contribution. That payment
by a candidate or the candidate's spouse for per-
sonal meals, lodging and travel by personal auto-
mobile of the candidate or the candidate's spouse
while campaigning does not constitute an in-kind
contribution. (Authorized by K.S.A. 1979 Supp.
25-4119a; effective, E-76-56, Nov. 26, 1975; ef-
fective, E-77-20, May 1, 1976; amended, E-77-47,
Sep. 30, 1976; effective Feb. 15, 1977; amended
May 1, 1980.)