19-22-1 Contributions. (a) General. A
transfer of goods and services, or the forgiving of
a debt, or the rendering of a discount, does not
constitute a contribution if the transaction is made
in the ordinary course of business or complies
with common trade practices and does not have
as its purpose the influencing of the nomination
or election of any individual to state office. In ad-
dition, the carryover of funds or inventory by a
candidate, candidate committee, party committee
or political committee from one election period to
another or the transfer thereof to a bona fide suc-
cessor committee or candidacy does not constitute
a contribution.

    (b) Transfer of funds. Except as provided in
subsection (a), the transfer of funds between any
two (2) or more candidates, candidate commit-
tees, party committees or political committees
constitutes a contribution made to the recipient.
(See K.A.R. 19-23-1(b) for the treatment of such
transactions by the donor.)

    (c) Candidate contributions. The transfer of a
candidate's personal funds to the candidate's trea-
surer for use by the treasurer in the candidate's
campaign constitutes a contribution made by the

    (d) In-kind contributions. An in-kind contribu-
tion constitutes a contribution. Those transactions
which are excluded from the definition of in-kind
contribution are likewise excluded from the defi-
nition of contribution. (See K.A.R. 19-24 for the
definition of in-kind contribution.) (Authorized by
K.S.A. 1979 Supp. 25-4102(d), 25-4119a; effec-
tive, E-76-56, Nov. 26, 1975; effective, E-77-20,
May 1, 1976; effective Feb. 15, 1977; amended
May 1, 1980.)