19-1-5 Pleadings or other documents
filed with the commission. (a) General. All
pleadings or other documents shall be mailed
first-class with postage prepaid or delivered per-
sonally to the office of the commission. The plead-
ings or other documents shall clearly designate the
file number, if any, designated by the commission;
state a document title where appropriate; indicate
their purpose, identify any commission document
to which they are in response, and state the name,
address and title of the party or petitioner.

    (b) Noncompliance and rejection. In any pro-
ceeding when the commission finds a pleading or
other document does not comply with these rules,
the commission shall:

    (1) decline to accept the document for filing
and return it, or

    (2) accept it for filing and make procedural cor-
rections, or

    (3) accept it for filing and advise the person
tendering it of the deficiency and require that the
deficiency be corrected.

    (c) The commission may order any redundant,
immaterial, impertinent, or scandalous matter
stricken from any document filed.

    (d) Signature and effect. Each pleading or other
document shall be signed by the petitioner or in-
terested party or by his or her attorney, and shall
show the office and post-office address. The sig-
nature of the person on any pleading or document
filed constitutes a certificate that the person:

    (1) has read it, and knows the contents;

    (2) executing the pleading or other document,
if executed in any representative capacity, has
been subscribed and executed in the capacity
specified upon it with full power and authority so
to do;

    (3) believes the contents to be true as stated.
(Authorized by K.S.A. 1980 Supp. 25-4119a, 46-
253; implementing K.S.A. 1980 Supp. 25-4121,
46-255; effective, E-76-52, Oct. 24, 1975; effec-
tive, E-77-20, May 1, 1976; effective Feb. 15,
1977; amended May 1, 1980; amended May 1,