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Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission

Alphabetical List of Lobbyists Sent Notices of

Failure to File the

Lobbyist Employment & Expenditure Reports covering 2014


Last Updated: January 23, 2014

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for Lobbyist Filing an Affidavit

Armstrong, James Brighton Collectibles Inc     201304        
AuBuchon, James Highway 69 Assn of KS 201302   201304        
Barnett, Dorothy Climate & Energy Project     201304 201305   201401  
Bartels, Tammy KS Congress of Parents & Teachers           201401  
Bennett, Cathy Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce 201302         201401  
Benson, Blake Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce 201302   201304        
Bradley, Philip Artisan Distillers of Kansas 201302            
Bradley, Philip Craft Brewers Guild of KS 201302            
Bradley, Philip Equal Entertainment Group 201302            
Bradley, Philip KS Fireworks Assn 201302            
Bradley, Philip KS Licensed Beverage Assn 201302            
Bradley, Philip KS Viticulture & Farm Winery Assn 201302            
Burhan, Charles Liberty Mutual Insurance Company           201401  
Butler, Michelle Wind Coalition   201303          
Butler, Olivia Little Government Relations LLC     201304        
Campbell, Amy KS Assn of Beverage Retailers 201302 201303 201304     201401  
Campbell, Amy KS Mental Health Coalition 201302 201303 201304     201401  
Campbell, Amy WMS Gaming Inc 201302 201303 201304     201401  
Carter, Brandy KS Cattlemens Assn   201303          
Conant, Barb KS Advocates for Better Care   201303          
Cooper, Rosie KS Assn of Centers for Independent Living       201305      
Corriston, Mark Northern Flyer Alliance   201303          
Cosby, Phillip American Family Action of Kansas & Missouri   201303          
Daldrup, Diane March of Dimes   201303          
Dalen, Jason Civic Council of Greater Kansas City 201302            
Damron, Kathy City of Topeka 201302 201303          
Damron, Kathy Kansas City KS Chamber of Commerce 201302 201303          
Damron, Kathy KS Dental Assn 201302 201303          
Damron, Kathy KU Endowment Assn 201302 201303          
Damron, Kathy Maximus 201302 201303          
Damron, Kathy Prudential Insurance Co 201302 201303          
Damron, Kathy Strategic Communications of KS 201302 201303          
Damron, Kathy University of Kansas 201302 201303          
Damron, Kathy Waddell & Reed Financial Inc 201302 201303          
Damron, Kathy Wellpoint 201302 201303          
Desetti, Mark KS National Education Assn           201401  
Dieker, Joshua KS Health Consumer Coalition   201303 201304        
Dorsey, James Glazer's Distributors         201309    
Dragoo, Ty United Transportation Union - KS Leg Bd   201303       201401  
Dreiling, Christy American Heart Assn           201401  
Duncan, Tuck KS Licensed Beverage Assn   201303 201304        
Duncan, Tuck KS Public Transit Assn   201303          
Duncan, Tuck KS Wine & Spirits Wholesalers Assn   201303          
Fair, Pam KS Families Against Liberal Liquor Laws   201303          
Ferris, Gregory KS Health & Fitness Assn 201302            
Forsyth, Terry KS National Education Assn           201401  
Freeman, Esau KS For Change Inc 201302         201401  
Fulton, Kent Christian Science Committee on Publication of KS 201302            
Gibson, Kelsey KS Cattlemens Assn   201303          
Gietzen, Mark KS Coalition for Life   201303 201304 201305      
Gietzen, Mark Kansas Republican Assembly   201303          
Gilpin, Justin KS Assn of Wheat Growers 201302            
Goldberg, Jordan Center for Reproductive Rights   201303          
Goodwin, Dennis KS Horse Council   201303          
Gordon, Sharon Kansas for Change Inc 201302            
Graves Jr, Herbert State Assn of Kansas Watersheds           201401  
Grice II, Tommy American Principles Project 201302            
Grice II, Tommy Kensinger & Associates 201302            
Gum, Denise Free State Coalition   201303          
Harms, Wendy KS Aggregate Producers Assn     201304        
Harms, Wendy KS Cement Council     201304        
Harms, Wendy KS Ready Mixed Concrete Assn     201304        
Harp, Marilyn KS Legal Services Inc 201302            
Henry, Dalton KS Assn of Wheat Growers 201302            
Henry, Michele National Guard Assn of Kansas         201309    
Hughey, Anne-Marie SE KS Independent LIving 201302            
Hutfles, Lori Hutles & Associates Government Relations LLC       201305      
Hutfles, Michael Community Living Opportunities       201305      
Hutfles, Michael Hutles & Associates Government Relations LLC       201305      
Hutfles, Michael Ks Assn for the Medically Underserved       201305      
Hutfles, Michael KS Rural Independent Telephone Co       201305      
Hutfles, Michael Saint Lukes Health System       201305      
Hutfles, Michael Schlitterbahn Waterpaarks       201305      
Hutfles, Michael State Independent Telephone Assn of KS       201305      
Hutfles, Michael Sunflower State Health Plan Inc       201305      
Hutfles, Michael Via Christi Health       201305      
Johnson-Bonhart, Kimberly UPS, United Parcel Inc           201401  
Jones, Benjamin Union Pacific Railroad           201401  
Keck, Leigh Wind Coalition   201303          
Kelly, Jane KS Home Care Assn 201302     201305      
Kensinger, David Kensinger & Associates 201302            
Kohl, Heath Accenture         201309    
Kohl, Heath Centene Corp         201309    
Kohl, Heath Coalition for a Competitive Kansas         201309    
Kohl, Heath Cox Communications         201309    
Kohl, Heath Hickam Public Affairs Inc         201309    
Kohl, Heath Kansas City Power & Light         201309    
Kohl, Heath KS Dental Project         201309    
Kohl, Heath Land O'Lakes Inc         201309    
Kohl, Heath Sunflower State Health Plans Inc         201309    
Kohl, Heath TFI Family Services Inc         201309    
Kohl, Heath Young Williams PC         201309    
Kramer, Stacy Federico Consulting LLC 201302 201303     201309    
Lindsey, Matt KS Independent College Assn           201401  
Lonergan, Jerry Civic Council of Greater Kansas City 201302            
Lowe, Travis Garland Company Inc     201304        
Lowe, Travis KS Cervid Breeders Assn     201304        
Lucero, Bill Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation 201302            
Masoner, Chris American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network   201303 201304        
McFatrich, Mitzi KS Advocates for Better Care 201302            
Miller, Mandy City of Topeka       201305      
Miller, Mandy Coffey County Commission       201305      
Miller, Mandy Kansas City KS Chamber of Commerce       201305      
Miller, Mandy Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas       201305      
Miller, Mandy KS Assn for Responsible Liquor Laws       201305      
Miller, Mandy KS Dental Assn       201305      
Miller, Mandy KS Good Roads Inc       201305      
Miller, Mandy KU Endowment Assn       201305      
Miller, Mandy Maximus Inc       201305      
Miller, Mandy Prudential Financial Inc       201305      
Miller, Mandy Strategic Communications of KS       201305      
Miller, Mandy University of Kansas       201305      
Miller, Mandy Waddell & Reed Financial Inc       201305      
Miller, Mandy Wellpoint       201305      
Miller, Mandy Whitney B Damron PA       201305      
Miller, Mandy YMCA's of Kansas       201305      
Miller, Sean Wind Coalition   201303          
Moody, Robert Federico Consulting LLC       201305   201401  
Morton, Mike Kansas For Change Inc 201302            
Moses, Edward KS Aggregate Producers Assn     201304        
Moses, Edward KS Cement Council     201304        
Moses, Edward KS Ready Mixed Concrete Assn     201304        
Murphy, James KS Legal Services Inc 201302            
Ney, Bruce AT&T Inc & Affiliates 201302            
Palace, Thomas Credit Management Services Inc   201303          
Palace, Thomas PMCA of Kansas   201303          
Pistora, Zack Sierra Club - KS Chapter         201309    
Ponce, Michelle KS Assn of Local Health Departments 201302   201304        
Rasmussen, John KS Assn of School Board 201302         201401  
Rathner, Todd Knife Rights Inc   201303 201304        
Rieber, Rabbi Moti KS Interfaith Power & Light 201302 201303 201304   201309    
Riley, Debra Independent   201303       201401  
Sanders, Deborah KS Coalition for Life   201303   201305      
Sanders, Deborah KS Republican Assembly   201303   201305      
Saueressig, Linda Franklin County Farm Bureau     201304        
Scott, Jewel Civic Council of Greater Kansas City 201302            
Semmel, Cheryl Ad Astra Consulting 201302         201401  
Semmel, Cheryl National Multiple Schlerosis Society 201302         201401  
Semmel, Cheryl United School Administrators of KS 201302         201401  
Shively, Theresa KS Legal Services Inc 201302            
Smith, Shelby Accessible Arts 201302 201303          
Strobel, Ken City of Dodge City 201302            
Stubbs, Janet KS Freedom Center   201303          
Stutzman, Serena KS State Nurses Assn           201401  
Tiede, James Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen   201303          
Trabert, Dave KS Policy Institute       201305      
Wagaman, Karen KS Contractors Assn   201303       201401  
Watkins, Jason Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce   201303          
Wells, Don KS School Superintendents' Assn           201401  
Wellshear, Dodie Ad Astra Group LLC 201302         201401  
Wellshear, Dodie KS Academy of Family Physicians 201302         201401  
Wellshear, Dodie KS Coal Against Sexual & Domestic Violence 201302         201401  
Wellshear, Dodie National Multiple Sclerosis Society 201302         201401  
Wellshear, Dodie United School Administrators of KS 201302         201401  
White, Jason KS Emergency Medical Services Assn   201303          
Wilson, Robert America's Natural Gas Alliance       201305      
Wilson, Robert Chesapeake Energy Corp       201305      
Wilson, Robert KS County Clerks & Election Officials Assn       201305      
Wilson, Robert Ruffin Company       201305      
Wilson, Robert Sandstone Group LLC       201305      
Wingert, George Ruffin Companies 201302            
Witsman, Tim Wichita Independent Business Assn     201304        
Witt, Thomas Equality Kansas Inc   201303 201304 201305      
Zimmerman, Carolyn KS Coalition Against the Death Penalty       201305