Explanation of Data

The Governmental Ethics Commission’s (GEC) staff categorize information disclosed on candidate Receipts and Expenditures Reports and enter part of this data into a searchable database for easy access for the public.

What data is entered?

            A.        Candidate Name and Office or District

            B.        Report Number (due date of report - year and month; example 200801)

            C.       Contributions (Monetary and In-Kind):

                        1:        All contributors listed who contributed $50 or more;

                        2:        All contributors listed who contributed less than $50 are grouped, the amount is totaled into categories and entered with the name of ZZ followed by a category (example: ZZ- Individual Contributors listed as giving less than $50)

                        3.         Total of candidate reported Unitemized amounts are entered as "Unitemized"

                        4.         GEC assigned category:

                                    a.         Indiv - Individual (from Kansas or out of state)

                                    b.         Bus - Business (includes corporations, partnerships, and associations)

                                    c.         PAC - Political Action Committee registered with the GEC

                                    d.         Out-st - Out of state Businesses, Unions PACs

                                    e.         Self - Candidate and/or candidate spouse

                                    f.         Party - Party committees in Kansas or National Party committees

                                    g.         Unit - Unitemized (includes rebates, refunds, contributions under $50)

            D.        Expenditures: All expenditures are grouped and totaled into GEC assigned categories:

                        1.         Printing (examples: printing of handouts, postage, distribution)

                        2.         Newspaper (examples: newspaper ads, electronic ads, ads in programs)

                        3.         Radio (examples: radio & TV ads)

                        4.         Yard Signs (examples: yard signs, bumper stickers, bill boards, pencils, etc.)

                        5.         Reimburse Candidate (examples: mileage, loan reimbursements, food)

                        6.         Fundraiser (examples: fundraiser expenses including invitations, food, etc.)

                        7.         Party (examples: contributions to party committees)

                        8.         Consultant (examples: all fees associated with hiring a consultant, including travel)

                        9.         Electronics (New cataegory, effective 1/1/2007 - examples: computers, fax machines, cell phones, webstie design, Internet fees and maintenace - please note prior to 1/1/2007 these expenditures were included in the miscellaneous category)

                      10.         Miscellaneous (examples: subscriptions, staff salaries, travel expenses and unitemized expenditures) 


What data is not entered:

            A.        Contributions (Monetary and In-Kind):

                        1.         Contributor address

                        2.         Contributor occupation

            B.        Expenditures:

                        1.         Itemized expenditures

                        2.         Addresses

      3.         Purpose 


   C.        Outstanding Debts or Obligations. 

What data is available?

            A.        Itemized Contributions (Monetary and In-Kind):

                        1.         Candidate Name and Office or District

                        2.         Report Number (due date of report - year and month; example 200801)

                        3.         Page Number (*location of data on candidate Receipts & Expenditures Report)

                        4.         Date of Contribution

                        5.         Contributor Name

                        6.         Contributor State

                        7.         Dollar amount

                        8.         Monetary contribution (shown as "cash"or In-Kind contribution (''inkind")

                        9.         GEC assigned Category:

                                    a.         Indiv (Individual from Kansas or from out of state

                                    b.         Bus (Business in Kansas)

                                    c.         PAC (Political Action Committee registered with the GEC)

                                    d.         Out-st (Out of state Businesses, Unions and PACs)

                                    e.         Self (Candidate and/or candidate spouse)

                                    f.         Party (Party committee in Kansas or National Party Committees)

                                    g.         Unit (Unitemized)

            B.        Quick Statistics:

                        1.         Candidate name

                        2.         District or office

                        3.         Party affiliation

                        4.         Incumbent information

                        5.         Primary election results

                        6.         General election results

                        7.         Whether or not candidate filed an Affidavit of Exemption from filing Receipts & Expenditures Reports

                        8.         Report Number (due date of report - year and month; example 200607)

                        9.         Beginning balance per report

                        10.       Totals for each GEC assigned category for Monetary and In-Kind Contributions and Expenditures

                        11.       Grand Totals for Monetary and In-Kind Contributions and Expenditures.


* Knowing the page and report number will allow you to locate more information about the contributor by locating it on the candidate's scanned Receipts and Expenditures Report (Current election cycle only).